Alcoholism And Its Abuse

It is not the easiest of tasks to be able to differentiate when the drinking pattern changes from moderate and social to kind of a problem drinking. The worst part about the total process is that when you are trying to dig up alcohol due to some problems that you are facing, it has to be understood that the situation is grave. Alcoholics slowly start losing their grip of understanding and presence of mind making them susceptible to the process of abuse leading the alcohol and its effects to gate-crash into the character of the person concerned. Understanding the problem is a big step towards solving it and in this scenario, to be able to recognise the line of border between alcohol and the abuse that comes with it is a major area of concern.

Features and Signs of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse:

• Know Yourself: It is really important to understand at the very first step that you have a drinking problem or not. This can happen if you are lying to others about drinking, feeling guilty about the fact that you drink or drink more than intended to. These are the basic questions a person needs to ask himself to ascertain the current situation that he/she is in and if the results for these queries are correct, steps have to be taken sooner than never.

• Neglecting Responsibilities: With the continuous outburst of your brain for the need of alcohol in your body due to sensitisation, the only priority that reaches is to take care of your alcohol routine. Thereby, you slowly start neglecting your responsibilities and prioritise drinking.

• Lack of Tolerance: With a continuous routine for drinking, the body’s ability to tolerate situations without alcohol get lost to a great extent. Signs such as anxiety, sweating, headache, fatigue, depression, loss of appetite and insomnia may arise, causing serious levels of health problems.

• Denial and lying: This is one of the moments when you start lying about drinking and denying it, making you to feel guilty about it.

So is there a solution?

Definitely, yes! Everyday tons of alcoholics suffering from its abuse are undergoing treatment using:

• Alcohol treatment centres
• Alcohol rehabs
• Process of alcohol detoxification

The thing that needs to be understood is that the problem lies within oneself and if someone can take that alcohol frenzy character out of the mind and if the alcohol withdrawal symptoms are understood initially, the battle is won!